martedì 9 maggio 2017

Course: “Handmade european paper, cardboards, machine paper, specialities”

Only one place (for a restorer, a conservator or an artist) available for the course “Handmade european paper, cardboards, machine paper, specialities” with the teacher Gangolf Ulbricht.

10-14 July 2017
Location: Praglia Abbey , Restoration studio – Teolo (Padova) – Italy
Course language: English


Monday (theory)
morning session: introduction, ancestors of paper, development of paper, introduction of paper, technology of papermaking
afternoon session: technology of papermaking, watermarks , etc .final movie   

Tuesday: practical papermaking  all day  in A3 size / A4 size; set up of 4 workspaces with 4 vats,  preparing fibers (rags, bluejeans,cotton, hemp,manila, straw etc). Everybody makes her/ his own reference sheets by hand, with different moulds (vergata, non  vergata etc.) with different fibers, different techniques, reproducing typical   productionmarks, couching, pressing, laying, drying, sorting,etc.

Wednesday: continuing practical papermaking with specialities (watermarks, special fibers, inclusions), boards, etc.

Thursday: theory papermachine, boards, specialities; looking at samples, identification training, microscopy, cleaning work-space

Friday: looking on originals, training identification, resumee of practical training and paper, identification test, paper protocol, final discussion

Cost: 350€ + VAT

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